The Aural Fidelity Interconnects (AFIC) are available in balanced (XLR), single ended (RCA) as well as RCA to XLR. The challenge was to produce an interconnect offering the best performance in less than ideal environments. Most of us require an interconnect that is immune to RFI/EMI that increasingly pervades our listening environment, can be rerouted without breaking and is immune to vibration/triboelectric effects. But we also want the cable that sounds like an unshielded twisted pair solid core wire. These seemingly contradictory requirements have been resolved with the AFIC cables, flexible, resilient and shielded, yet offering the finest capabilities in sound reproduction. While measurable characteristics like noise immunity are great, ultimately, how the cables let your system display what it is capable of is the most important metric, and that can only be done through extensive empirical listening tests, repeated modifications, and evaluation in multiple systems.

Like all Aural Fidelity cables, the result is a product built to the highest standard of carefully chosen materials blended together to form an optimized cable topology that will deliver edge of the art performance at a price everyone can afford.

We are so confident about the quality and longevity of our cables that they are warrantied against defects in workmanship for the life of the original owner.*

Retail Price –  $2500.00

* Please see the Aural Fidelity warranty page for complete information.