Power Cords

Our AFPC Power Cord comes in two versions; one designed specifically for source components and preamplifiers and another for amplifiers and power conditioners. The topology and the wires (larger than 8 gauge) are the same, but they differ in the proprietary treatments, each tailored to the specific demands of low and high current components. Our power cords are a result of sound engineering, as well as empirical evaluations in many systems.

Like all Aural Fidelity cables, the result is a product built to the highest standard of carefully chosen materials blended together to form an optimized cable topology that will deliver edge of the art performance at a price everyone can afford.

We are so confident about the quality and longevity of our cables that they are warrantied against defects in workmanship for the life of the original owner.*

Retail Price –  $2500.00

* Please see the Aural Fidelity warranty page for complete information.