Speaker Cables

Each leg of our AFSC Speaker Cable is comprised of multiple paired wires. Each leg (positive & negative) has a net size greater than 8 gauge. Our annealed stranded wire are made from dead soft copper wire and insulated with a proprietary elastomer that cuts and strips like Teflon, but lacks the ’plastic-y’ sound of more commonly used Teflon found in many of today’s high-end cables. The pairs are wrapped in polypropylene threading, an ideal dielectric, and then insulated with a very flexible and tough PVC. The pairs are oriented for best sound, largely determined by critical listening, that easily reveals maximum height and definition in appropriate recordings. This orientation has been found to inevitably provide the best tonality and dynamics, as well as optimal imaging and sound staging. Each completed cable is individually tested before shipment to you.

As for the critical termination process, each wire leg is twisted and terminated (on both ends). It is then crimped with gold plated copper ferrules, to provide a tight, non tarnishing, non fraying termination. The termination is inserted into the spades, secured by screws, tightening against the crimped ferrules.

Like all Aural Fidelity cables, the result is a product built to the highest standard of carefully chosen materials blended together to form an optimized cable topology that will deliver edge of the art performance at a price everyone can afford.

We are so confident about the quality and longevity of our cables that they are warrantied against defects in workmanship for the life of the original owner.*

Retail Price –  $2500.00

* Please see the Aural Fidelity warranty page for complete information.